Accessibility Policy

Select Mortgage and Financial Solutions Ltd is committed to providing you a website that is accessible to the widest possible audiences, including those with sight, audio and motor impairment restrictions. Specifically:

We aim to use a web font so all text is easy to read.

We have appropriate ALT tags for images to convey information.

We ensure that navigation through our websites works in a consistent way.

We do not rely on just colour as the only way of giving information.

We avoid the use of images of text wherever possible, and provide equivalent text links.

The site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control all of the presentation and layout.

The content has been written and formatted to make it as accessible as possible. For example:

Headings highlight sections of text

Sentences are short with the meaning at the beginning

We try to ensure that link text makes sense out of context and that it accurately describes the pages it points to.

Forms can be navigated using the tab key.

Further help

The following links are to further browser and operating system specific information and advice about accessibility, by clicking the links below you are now departing from the regulatory site of Select Mortgage & Financial Solutions and being directed to a resource that includes data not hosted on our website. Neither Select Mortgage & Financial Solutions Ltd nor PRIMIS Mortgage Network is responsible for the accuracy of information contained within the linked site.

Advice from the BBC showing users how to make full use of accessibility settings in browsers and operating systems.

Advice for Microsoft users

Advice for Apple users

Advice for Linux users

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